I literally just got this one like two weeks ago and have been very pleased.


The move up to 2560x1400 really seems to help spot and track targets. It uses the Freesync technology and yet still keeps frame rates up with a gtx 1060 6GB. I do get a slight ghosting exclusively on WOFF with TrackIR that doesn't show up on other programs, so I assume it is some setting I just need to change. It hasn't bothered me enough to spend the time tracking it down yet, though. (running it on display port at the moment, kksnowbear) You will want to look into the difference between IPS vs TN vs VA displays (There was actually a lot more to picking a new monitor than I thought!) This was really one of the only monitors that checked all my boxes at my price point (under $500) Now, I haven't tried WoTR at that resolution late in the battle yet, which is more likely to cause slowdown, but all my other programs seem to be running at the higher resolution no problem, including The Outer Worlds, which I just got.

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