I feel your pain, but on a positive note...

In one´s adventure in the meantime, you learn what is worth/needed or not. Imagen it was persistent and you screwed up on some weapons that are not what you expected? You would have lost those credits. This has happend to me in the recent wipe, spent way to much on armor and fire arms that I really didn´t need. Next update I´ll get back my 32.000 aUEC which is what I have as default on my account. So next time I will make a better choice on what I spend my credits on.

Aside from that, spendidng alot on something that we still don´t know how it´s going to mature is not to wise now. There´s still alot of changes ahead, and what works now might not be same in the future, everything is subject to changes in WIP mode. That´s how I see it.

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