Oberst Heinz von Luckner
156th Panzergrandier. Regiment
116th Panzer Div,

To screen the Div Armor, I ran a flanking attack against the enemy static positions around the Village with my 2nd Kompanie of the 1st Battalion and 3rd Komapie. I Reinforced the attack with 1 20mm
Recon Car + 2 SPW ( short 75mm ) Tracks. We encountered MG fire to the front and right flank , Our Armored Car took out a mg,but took a bazooka in the side, The inf got the U,S, rocket team and a sq of Riflemen. We bombarded the Village with the SPW's. My Infantry moved up in wide open fields then got Hammered by Heavy Mortar fire, ( 60-120 mm ? ) The assault stopped and we regrouped 200 meters back.
Lpsses: 27 KIA + 8 wnd and the Armored Car and crew

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