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Catch, got the £10 note and I put everything back the way I found it. It was tricky to get the keys that deep into Lou’s boot with his leg still inside. I was on my way, passing the bordello when the girls came out on their way to ... erm ... to the church! Yes, that’s where they were going. They’ve asked if I wanted to attend the morning prayers with them. They were already on their knees. I had no choice. You will have to find another £10. I gave it away to charity. They were collecting it for the badger sanctuary. It is such a worthy cause. I hope you don’t mind.
- Girls! Wait for me!

What! You spent Lou's my 10 quid on some sordid Freudian sexual perversion fantasy! This is not a Wagnerian opera Fullofit. This is real life. Here, take this battered, stinkin' expired badger and wrap it in Lou's ceremonial robe. He likes badgers. It's a thing I guess?

"Jenkins! The cut-throat razor! On the double man!"

I must look my best. I'm off to Chu Chin Chow at His Majesty's tonight {sings the refrain to"Any Time’s Kissing Time" wildly off key}. I have my eye on a certain chorus girl who does whizzo things. wink