Psssssst ….. I say psssssst …. Fullofit …. get me out of this stinkin' bog and there's a brand new crisp ten pound note one pound note in it for you. What! Okay two pounds. You drive a hard bargain sir! {hehe snigger} So here's the plan, wait 'til Lou has passed out and carefully retrieve the set of keys from under his toupée …. What! It's a hairpiece. Remember to put it back exactly as it was as he's very particular. One of these keys opens the safe behind George's portrait. Inside that you will find ten pounds that Lou owes me. Yes yes I need that to pay you! Also there is another key tagged "Lou's shed." Grab that and proceed to his shed next to the Gentlemens bordello. Locate his keyhole saw and withdraw. Do not look through the keyhole on the southern wall as time is of the essence. Upon return to the BWOC, act casual and calmly walk outside without arousing suspicions. Pass the saw under the privy door and I'll cut through the slats at the back making good my escape. So Fullofit, have you got that? Okay then off you go old thing. And don't cock it up! BWOC BWOC BWOC!!!!

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