A few years back Polovski had asked me to take on a revamping of the D.II as the D.I was being introduced and had a much more detailed look to the skins. At the time I felt it wasn't right because Makai had put a ton of effort into the project and I completely respected that. I do agree that so many years have passed and it would be worth looking into at this point. As I revamped all my OAW skins because of the same issue, it looks like the time is right to refresh the D.II and possible the Pfalz D.IIIa.

I'll ask him and effectively leave it up to them to decide. It's not easy to step in and replace someone's work when you personally know how much effort they put into it. I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Makai face-to-face and we exchanged techniques and stories over dinner and a great weekend. If anyone should do this, I'm thinking it should be me.

As for my skins and why I feel as I do... I never made the templates to be distributed, not purposely, it's just the way I work. Unlike what you get with the other WWI game, our skins work different. We don't use decals, or standard parts that the campaign adds to the squadron. Each skin is made individually. Each skin is done on a one set basis. That's why you see what you see...meaning Aces like Voss who transfer from Jasta to Jasta. He adds colors from each Jasta, and you see that. It's NOT the same skin copied over. They are all different. Believe me...if I did put out any of my templates, it would take months to figure them out. I even have trouble going back in when I want to make my own personal skins...and I made the #%&*$# templates!! 🙄🙄

The same goes for all planes I did. There was no basic click on and off template that I used. I didn't want to be that simple.

Again... You can make skins... But leave my name in the skins and they need to be able to be swapped out by the user. I don't want our product altered. What you paid for is what you have... A game made with passion and attention to detail on all levels. If I missed a few changes, or objects... Well.. I did over 2000 skins... If not more. Cut me a little slack. Lol

Thanks. 😄

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