Continuing with Two-seater Friday I fire up 42 Squadron on April 4 1917. The job is photo recon of the German trench line but I, channeling my inner Fee, take along two 112 lb bombs for targets of opportunity.
This chance soon arrives as a Hun airfield heaves into view. At an altitude of 5,000' I switch to the bombsight view but find the plane tricky to fly. First bomb detonates near the hangers causing damage. Seconds later I realize the second bomb didn't drop and quickly kick it loose. Because the RFC is blessed from on high this bomb lands on the airfield perimeter destroying a plane, ready for take-off I didn't even see. He's burning just off my right wingtip. Huzzah! However, like kicking a bees nest, 3 or 4 planes take off but they can't catch up.
Back at my field I am asked to submit a Claim Form for the destroyed aircraft however, the love for the RFC does not extend to me., and the claim is rejected as I had to guess at the plane type and guessed wrong. Oh well. Photos taken.

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