Hello guys,

what's going on here? Banita be a little more patient, all of us have to do others things in life, too.

I've seen Javelin has done a lot of good work for the Havoc's pit and also made some more MFD screens exportable.
Messyhead has finished the KA-50 pit and also worked at the Havoc. Thank's to you both for this great work!!!

I will continue my work at the MI28N now, but I also have a lot of other building sites too, so it could take a while.
I had to manage a lot of things and also started again with my homepit.

Since the last time I was working on it, so many things changed again, that I have nearly to start from scratch.

Since ED has released a lot of new very interesting modules I always wanted and my pit never was primarily designed to run with DCS
(cause I never thought that those modules will see the light of day during my lifetime), I have to change many things now to make it also mostly compatible with it.

DCS uses completely other methods for instrument and MFD extraction as BMS does with it's shared memory.
So I have to learn a lot new things like dealing with lua-scripts. This will take also a lot of my free time.

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