Hmmmm from where did I acquire this cheap, foul smelling stogie? My flannels are ruined. " Jenkins! Get these disinfected now there's a good chap. What's that? Two shillings! Put 'em next to the blip switch." Good Lord, what's this on the spittle encrusted side!

"Property of smudged head executive director and extraordinary leader of the B smudged Club, holder and custodian of the bat, dispenser of justice, master of ceremonies and robe wearer of distinction. If found, please return in good condition to the quarters of the distinquished and chisel featured gentleman Mr smudged at No. smudged Camelcourt Dr smudged smudged."

Blast! Who is this? Sounds a little barmy to me.

"Jenkins, get onto Mullard and see if he can make some sense of it! Oh leave the stogie here. I'm out of woodbines"

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