Sorry chaps I'm a bit ginned up, tight as a nun's habit. Spifflicated. So it was like this see … while HD crawled around the floor singing tearfully about a girl darning his socks or summat, Trooper and me binged on his yank whisky last night! Cor, before you know it we were smashing furniture, stuffing Lou's ceremonial robe into the hole behind George's head and boarding it up and chucking chairs through the windows. And playing snooker with the initiation bat! Can't remember who won that one? But talk about larf! Haven't had this much fun since the worn obturator rings blew a cylinder right off the old clerget 5 miles over. Anyway, must dash. Send the cleanup bill to Troopers batman. He's a stout fellow so Trooper tells me and will take care of it with the utmost tact and diplomacy. Cheerio!