Even though you removed your post, I got it in the email notification. So to answer the points you made.

I've not been on this forum for a while, or done any coding as I started a new job, and that is taking all my time now, and my free time is family time. So I forgot what I previously have posted.

It's a debug build as it's for testing, and the debug log is more detailed when things go wrong. I've never said it's a stable release. It's still in testing. Only releases made with an installer should be considered stable and complete.

A completely green person should use the last "released" version that was provided with an installer.
If they choose to use other updates for work in progress, they should accept things might not work.

My comment regarding my build being the same as javelin, was to do with the content of the exe as it's built from the same branch. Any additional files that Javelin changed will only be in the download he provided. This is part of the problem with there being no unified approach to making mods.

I can't make promises when I'll be back on this, as life is busy, and takes priority.