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21) *Gameplay* ‘Rotary Engine blip’ function – how to use in WOFF.For those who want to fly it realistically and it’s fun too  you can use the B key (default setting) in flightto blip your engine off temporarily;Of course for those who want, they can fly rotaries, using throttle like in previous versions of ‘OFF’, butthat is not realistic and not how it was. Or to add a joystick button too. To do this ;1. Map the "B" key via the tool in Workshop. In Workshop click “Re Map Keys”. The Wings: Over FlandersFields Function Bindings tool should open.2. Now in the tool top right under Filter Functions selectEngineControls from the drop down menu.3. Next look down the keys that appear in the 2nd column from the left.4. Find the “Rotary Engine Blip” key (which by default is assigned to the “B” key) and select it.5. Now a re-assign binding window appears. Instead of a key, press a button (not your usual triggerbutton of course, but another spare button).6. Now the blip will be on the “B” key AND the joystick button you chose.7. If you now fly a rotary engine aircraft (example Sopwith Camel), you no longer would use the throttlelever anymore when flying rotaries. Inline engine aircraft cannot be used with the blip switch and use anormal throttle.8. Once you have started the engine (E), you can hit the 0 key (zero) to set your engine at 100% throttle.The engine roars up, but while you keep the blip button pressed, the engine is interrupted. Then whenyou release the button again, it roars up again to 100%. Now using the blip switch you can control taxi-speed, landing-speed, you can use it for manouvering etc. Many rotary engines were Full on or OFF, witha blip switch to temporarily kill the engine power.If you press it for too long, depending on AC, your engine might die and need restarting (use the ‘E’ key)There are some rotaries where you had also partial throttles so rather than 100% power always + blip ,you could also set them to say ¼, ½, ¾ power. i.e. reduce the overall power and then still blip it down. InWOFF you can use the top row keyboard numbers and select 1, 4, 7 or 0, for engine basic settings only to mimic this, but best would be for the beginning just using 0 for 100%.Have fun. Especially while landing.