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I had an uncle who lived just out of Eindhoven during WW2. He was arrested by the SS twice. (First time for stealing a Wehrmacht officer's cap from a kubelwagen nt long after the occupation began, and then afterwards for throwing a half a brick through SS HQ's first floor window in 1944. He was fined for both offenses and, after being trialed by the local Gauleiter, was sent home and given one hell of a hiding by his old man. He told me that he was was probably very lucky that his father was on good terms with the mayor but he also intimated to me that most people were more afraid of the allied bombing campaign than they were of the Germans who generally treated them with respect.

This may have been because he saw a B-24 eat #%&*$# just outside his home in Feb or March 1944 (Probably part of the "Big Week" or "Operation Argument" campaign), Apparently he saw it go straight in, vertically leaving a crater that was stilll there until the 1950's

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Wenn ihr sieg im deine Kampf selbst gegen, wirst stark wie Stahl sein.