I think it's a close call between Richthofen & Brown and The Red Baron as to who claims the award for total bollocks.

The fact that they think it's accurate to have Boelcke, Richthofen, Udet, Voss and even Goring in the same Jasta at the same time. Jeez if the allies had only known that earlier, one decent bomb drop on that chateaux full of aces and you've won the war......or 'var' as they say in that film. 'Ve vant tu vin ze var'.....in an accent so contemptible it makes Allo Allo look like Downfall.

As for the Red Baron.....ok let's create an historical masterpiece by having MvR and Brown land together in a beautiful tranquil (and crater free) No Man's Land, have a chat about war and girls....and then bugger off back to base. Because that happened just about every day didn't it....or Lothar von Richthofen being such an obnoxious little runt you'd have happily seen him flamed in scene one ar15 . Or Werner Voss (yes the 19 year old) being so old in the film he could have been MvR's dad...in fact it wouldn't have surprised me if they'd made that a storyline too.

Both films could have been brill, but both are complete cobblers...and actually an insult to the pilots (supposedly) involved.

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So, we take off in ten minutes, we're in the air for twenty minutes, which means we should be dead by twenty five to ten.