My MOD compatibility list for PE

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COMPATIBLE MODs enhance PE without changing any new features


All skin files

Pilot Editor

All VonS FM changes

Nibbios Inflight Map

Arisfuser's loadscreens

OldHat's missions and scenarios

Clouds Mod (Version 1.0 and 2.0) by 4L0M

Cloud Popping Fix - Beta

Rivers Mod by Olham

Aris's Historical Aces v1.4

NOT COMPATIBLE: MODs overwrite new PE features with older files.

Olham's Albatros mod

Ground Season Textures

WOFF UE Havrincourt Wood

Sky Box Effects Mod

Optional Clouds Mod

WOFF UE Forts Mod

Battles of 1915, 1916, etc...

Balloon Archie MOD


Realistically Populated Airfields

Reduced Gunner Accuracy

Random delayed Engine Start

Oldhat's balloon archie mod

WOFF UE Realistic tracers effect mod v1.2

PARTIALLY COMPATIBLE: use with caution as MOD may overwrite some new PE features

Consolidated airfields MOD

Mission Editor


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