A poetic masterpiece Lou erm I mean Your Eminence. Your undeniable talents M'Lord are only exceeded by your good looks and fine physique. Surely you are related to Lord Byron yes. By jove, Your Majesty look on the floor! A ten pound note! Must've slipped out of your waistcoat pocket. Here, let me put it back for you. There …. now Sir may I be so bold as to enquire how my application to join this esteemed Gentlemen's club is proceeding? MFair and Bobby W are both united as to my good character and barmyesque behavioural traits appropriate for such an establishment. I am also a dab hand with a cricket bat and an Irish whiskey. Which brings me to the …. the initiation. Oh Great and Wise One please excuse my candidness …. but in my profession the batman makes the tea and ensures the shaving water is just so. He never wields a bat, either aggressively or for sport. That kind of thing is above their cognitive abilities as you would well know. May I perhaps take on that role. biggrin But of course I leave the final decision to you oh Intelligent and Insightful One. Now I must be off. I have some downloading business to which I must attend. The pleasure has been all mine. wink