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Rise up dear Sir and sing us a rousing song to go with the indoctrination!

Out of songs at the moment Robert, but how about some of my WOFF-inspired poetry from BOC celebrations gone by. (apologies to Kipling fans everywhere)

There's a Legion that never was listed,
That carries no colours or crest,
And it serves in such barmy detachments,
That it's poor understood by the rest.
Our forebeares they left us their blessing,
They taught us, and groomed us, and crammed;
But we've shaken the ancient few pixels
To go and find out and be damned,
Dear lads!
To go and get shot and be damned.

So some of us fly for the Kaiser,
And some of us soar for the King,
And some rise up for La Marseillaise,
And some for old Sam take to wing:
And some of us drift up to Ypers,
And some drift across to the Somme,
And some share our tucker in Soissons,
And some at St. Mihiel do bomb,
Dear lads!
At St. Mihiel get giddy and bomb.

We've painted old Flanders vermilion,
We've washed the old Alsace in red,
We've shouted on simulat battle,
We've flown until we were dead;
We've laughed at the world as we found it,
From high in the spurious air,
From Zeebrugge on down to Mulhausen
We've battled with nary a care,
Dear lads!
We've flown with nary a care.

The damned depths of Hell were our portion,
And Heaven at large was our share.
There was never a skirmish too windward
But the Virtual Legion was there:
Yes, somehow and somewhere and always
We were first when the trouble began,
From a recce flight over old Lille,
To a dogfight on high over Thann,
Dear lads!
We mounted and fought over Thann.

We preach in advance of the Army,
We skirmish ahead of the Crowds,
With never a general to help us
When we're dying above in the clouds.
But we know as the cartridges finish,
And we're filed on our last little shelves,
That the Legion that never was listed
Will send barmy ones as ourselves,
Good men!
Hundreds barmy, just as ourselves!

Then a health (we must drink it in whispers),
To our wholly unauthorized horde,
To the line of our dusty foreloopers,
The RB3D'ers adored.
Yes, a health to ourselves ere we scatter,
For flight simmers won't wait for the train,
And the Legion that never was listed
Goes back into quarters again!
Goes back in the skies once again.
The Sop and the Alby again.
Here's how!
The Vickers and Spandaus again.
Wings O'er Flanders Fields once again!