Well, as of now, I drive one of these French Morane Parasol crates in Feb 1915 in a recon/bombing role for my observer. A nice chap but a bit reserved. I got into this lark 'cause the sheilas love a uniform and a bit of this and that. I dunno, they think I'm a bleedin' hero or something he he! You know, fighting for king and country, freedom against tyranny etc. I really think they just enjoy a good serve. So, I try to keep my head down and stay out of strife with the brass and not endanger myself too much. I'm angling for a "blighty", not too bad see, but enough to get me out of this conflict before it gets dangerous. I'm working on it and have a plan. But, if you think I'm gonna tell you, well, you're bloody barmy. Anyway, thanks to the free flight training I received, I aim to set up a flying machine business back in the old dart taking up rich young ladies for a bit of a thrill if you know what I mean.

So that's it, do I qualify and where's the bloody bar?