Ah, if I only had the skill and patience with a paint program to match the size of the modest library! Only skin I ever made was a CFS3 Ju88A to whose stock skin I added 'wellenmuster' squiggles above and a well-weathered temporary black finish beneath, which somebody must have liked as it was (with full permission) added to the ETO expansion...

[Linked Image]

I wonder if we have some similar sources - some of your excellent Bf109 skins seem to be based on the profiles by Richard Ward in the classic Osprey Aircam Battle of Britain Special, which tried harder than most to get the 109's common upper camouflage patterns right (but not quite, and still had most in 70/71/65 instead of 71/02/65 or even early versions of 74/75/76). Still a pretty good source after all these years, although thanks to it, I got the lighter undersurface colour wrong (choosing Sky, instead of the likely correct Aluminium fuselage and White starboard wing) on a model I made back about 1980 for an old workmate's dad, of his 616 Sqn Spit, L1055.

[Linked Image]

But I digress, keep up the good work.

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