Very true OG!

One possible obstacle for a lot of us guys and our hobbies...the wife. Mine isn't exactly thrilled with my mid-life crisis hobby. I get where's she's coming from...your 50 year old husband announces out of the blue "I'm going to try and race motocross" after only owning his first dirt bike a couple years prior is a bit of a surprise.

It does cost quite a bit...probably not anywhere near what flying a plane for a hobby costs...but I spent $6k-$7k chasing the Ironman award last year (racing all 42 motos with no DNF's in a it too). Then of course the danger aspect. One 2 day National she went to...3 riders were medevac'd out by chopper and another 2 by ground ambulance.

But that's what health insurance is for! lol.

Oh well...the hook is set deep for me with this sport...want to make the most of it while my old body can still take it.


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