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Does it do anything for us?

Effectively, I would say the odds that it will do anything for WOFF (or WOTR) are just about zero. Even if there's a difference, it would be negligible. That's just my opinion.

These things are almost always over-estimated by the manufacturer; it would be better to see objective reviews from reputable sources (Anand, ARSTechnica...there are many online.) My guess is review like this wouldn't show nearly the same type of overall performance increase.

Also, the improvements center around much newer and widely popular games - this is also often the case. Although I'd still say the 23% figure is ambitious even in newer games, they obviously did measure that - somehow. But there's the rub: Just like with any testing the test has to be objective and repeatable. Often not the case.

But especially in older games that don't use much of the newer technologies, I would expect any improvement to be marginal. For example, WOFF/WOTR still rely on the very dated DirectX 9, where most modern games have long since moved to Dx11 (standard with Windows 7) or 12 (standard with Windows 10). So, often the driver improvements take advantage of newer technologies which WOFF/WOTR just don't use. And I believe it certainly won't improve the most egregious graphical issue in WOFF/WOTR, in my opinion (stuttering).

Finally, as has happened more than once, there's always a risk loading newer drivers on older hardware and/or running older games. Many times the recommendation is to stay with/revert to an older driver.

Just my $.02 FWIW. Best of luck, in any case.

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