Hi Banita,

great work! Thank's for adding the missing switches. I also want to do this, but sadly have not much time at the moment.

For the point of view thing, I mean messyhead has also changed the view in his the lamp-test version, but I had no time to test it yet.

If you want a more yellow HUD-lens, you have to change the texture of the lens it self. It's in the k50_cockpit_2.tga. Just use a graphic-program and cut the HUD-lens part out, this makes it easier for adjusting the color. Most graphics-software have an option to adjust brightness, color-tone etc. After editing just copy and paste again to the k50_cockpit_2.tga. I only used the lens it self for the UV-map, not the frame arround.

The bmp-files aren't really used. I don't know why they are exist in many cockpits and so I also always made a bmp as backup, too. Maybe we could ask messyhead if the bmp's have any other use and if not we can delete them.


And one more thing - about Comanche
The glass of the left window of the pilot and the gunner has not a flat shape, but several polygons.

To fix this you have to select all polygons of the window glass of the bugged windows and merge the polygons to one polygon. But be careful, this is only possible if the angles of the seperate polys aren't too different. If the difference is to big LW want merge them. For this case you have to flaten them before, but this could also have an impact to the whole fuselage!

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