Ok, now as the KA-50 cockpit is nearly finished, I will do some work at the external model and in parallel I'm also working at the MI-28 cockpit.

I will look if I could finish the external model for the KA-50N the next weeks, but sadly I have to do a lot of other RL things, too.

The MI-28N will definitely take a while. At the moment I have only two or three evenings a week I could work on it, and this cockpit appears to be much more complex as the one of the KA-50.

Here I really must start from scratch and also do two pits, one for the pilot and one for the gunner. The doors in the cockpit-hull (for animation) will also be a lot of work. The whole pit will be double-wall'ed again as the one of the KA-50 is. This looks much better at the windows and the door, if opened. At the moment I'm working on the hull (pilot and gunner) and the main panel for the pilot.

P.S: The KA-50 pit will also get a nicer looking external texture, if the fuselage is ready. At the moment the texture is real ugly. I will redo the UV-mapping and also use other textures for the external model that aren't so much dissorted. I have learned a bit more the last weeks and could now correct mistakes I made back in 2017 yep

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