Yes, there isn't anything right in this cockpit biggrin

As I started with it in 2017, I just took what we already had and tried to make the best out of it. At first I only tried to fix the dashboard a little bit, but the project grows and grows.

At the end, I completely reworked the whole pit, what was never my intention as I started with it. My priority was always for the MI-28 and the KA-52. At the time I startet with the KA-50 it was only meant as a test if I could correct some things in 3D models at all. As said before I never had the aim to completely rework the whole pit, I just wanted to fix some small things. At the end the whole project became much bigger, than I ever had planned.

If we want an accurate pit, we have to start from scratch, but I think it's more important to do the other helos first. At least the MI-28 and the KA-52 should also be upgraded. My opinion is, that the KA-50 isn't so much important, cause if someone wants much more reality in this helicopter, he could use DCS's Blackshark.

But there is no option to fly a MI-28 or a KA-52 in any attack-helicopter simulation since the late 90's (Team Alligator the counterpart to Team Apache was one for the KA-52 / an relatively accurate simulation of the MI-28 doesn't exist at all, only some action simulators).

But those two helicopters (and the MI-24) are really in active service at the russian army, another reason to bring them to a good flyable state in EECH. The MI-24 should also be upgraded to use the gunner seat again. But thats only my opinion to that subject wink

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