Can I check that you swapped over the dashboard panel, for the straightened one I sent you?

Yes, the new pit is based on what you've sent me.

Ok guys, the KA-50 cockpit is finished! biggrin

For the download link go to the first mainpage of this thread. I will always upload my files there (or at any first page of one of my helicopter related threads eg. MI-28 etc.), cause its a lot easier to find than searching through the whole thread for an actual download link.

PLEASE can anyone fix the wipper in the cockpit! Its too far at the left. It has to be connected to the right front-window-frame. This must be fixed in the EES/LWS-file and I'm not able to do this. The LWO-file of the wipper which is realted to the LWS is 1D35.LWO.

All needed for the pit is in the 7-Zip file, you can delete the unnecessary old remaining textures in the KA-50 texture folder.

P.S: BTW while testing I've seen that the Europe map still has a bug, where you get a rotor collision at start, if the mission starts on a big airfield. This could not be fixed with my FARP-Fix.

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