not a good idea - Russia abandons Mi-35 and goes back to the model with 6 weapons pylons and retractable landing gear!
a better look at the Super hind

Yes, the retractable gear and the weapon-pylons really look better. I think I will make this model if I made the MI-28 and the new KA-52. I think they will still use the new cockpit avionics, they made for the MI-35.

I totally agree! I do not need a Hyper-realistic simulation , EECH is a simulator similar to Strike Fighters and I like it!

Strike Fighters Project 1 and 2 are an absolute must have for every aircraft fan. No other simulator offers such an endless amount of user made addon-aircraft.

Combat-Ace is the place to go for SFP1 and SFP2 addons. Sadly they want a little fee if you are going to download more then ten downloads a day or so, but its really worth it.
I have tons of SFP1-2 addon planes on my harddrives. There are so many types of aircraft, you never will see in any other simulator. The realism isn't really bad, the flight model feels realistic and the weapon systems are simple but good. Only modern weapons, after the 80's lack a bit in realism, but its ok overall.

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