Soczkein has a Eurocopter Tiger cockpit? That would be nice to get a hold of. I've been digging around looking for a 3D model for that one. I did find one in the X-Plane archives, it has a GNU public license which means we can use it for non-commercial purposes. It can be loaded into Blender using a plugin, then re-saved in another format for editing. I have no idea how hard adapting it would be though, I've never tried it. It may have too many triangles in it, at first glance. Soczkein's would be preferable.

I'm busy learning what pieces need to be in place to make a new aircraft work. There are a lot more pieces than I realized, Collision NullObjects are just one item. I see a bunch more NullObjects that are weapons related, then the aircraft-database would need entries, along with a set of weapons loadouts in another file, you need an Undercarriage data file, a dyn dynamics file, and the list of items goes on and on. I'll write all of it up once I actually get through the process of getting one working all the way. I'm keeping detailed notes. It's going to take me a while to do it, so don't expect anything anytime soon.

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