Just my opinion, but we have a pretty nice Ka-50, especially after we complete the upgrades that are currently underway. Wouldn't it make more sense to pick a chopper that we don't have in the game currently if you're going to spend money on it? Maybe an Mi-35 perhaps? Or an old Huey? Maybe an EC-665 Eurocopter Tiger? The Gazelle is pretty popular too. Just a thought.

I think Javelin is right here. Let's finish the KA-50 and do some other helos. The KA-50 never played a role in active service, only a few missions in the Chechen war. It was mostly used as a test platform for new systems.

I think we should make the MI-28N and the new version of the KA-52, which are in active service. Maybe a MI-35 is also an interesting russian helo. The KA-50 is already in DCS and in such a detail, we will never be able to do, but the other helos aren't very likely to see in DCS.

OK. we could only guess how there weapon systems and avionics are working, but this was the case in most simulations during the 90's (eg. Janes, Microprose etc.) This is namely the great backdrop of all kind of super realistic simulations, like DCS, BMS etc. They simply can not make actual attack-helicopters or fighters, cause they want it hyper-realistic and this isn't possible in case of military secrets.

I think a good "how it could be in real life"-model is better and more interesting, as a hyper-realistic attack-helo no one is really interested in (like eg. a Gazelle biggrin ). I'm neither an attack helicopter pilot nor a fighter jet pilot who wants to make his training sessions at home on his computer, I'm just a guy who loves military aircraft and wanted to get an idea of how it could be to be a pilot. It should be realistic of course, but not in a totally hyped way.

That's only my two cents to this subject wink

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