I don't know what the log file means. It hasn't crashed on my machine at all. I can make you a debug version, or you could compile one on your end since you have the code now.

On the engines, I haven't touched any of the engine operational code at all, all I did was show the numbers on the gauges. I did also noticed that the right side is more reactive than the left. I don't know why. Temperature responds to engine rpm correctly though.

Engine rpm is on the 0 to 200 inner gauges (the top number should be 110, not 200). Someone should fix that, the values are bounded in the code to 120. I don't know what the four small gauges to the right are for. And Rotor rpm is missing. Is that the gauge just to the left of the engine gauges?

I see the glitch in the numbers when it hits 70, then drops down to 60. I'll fix it, that looks like something I did wrong.