Just had a quick try of this, and it looks great. Finally a fully working Havoc cockpit, like we had in EEAH. Thanks for your work Javelin.

I think this cockpit does need some love though, so probably one for a future project. I always preferred flying this helo in the game. It's like a flying tank.

There's a couple of things I noticed. The right hand gauges seem to increase quicker than the left hand ones. And only when the left hand engine NG reached max, did I get an engine over torque warning, as if that was the "real" value.

I also got a crash to desktop, but there doesn't seem to be a DEBUG.LOG generated to see what it was. So I'm not sure if it's related.

I'll do some more testing.

Edit: Actually, there was a log being generated, as a debug.txt, but it's not in the usual format as the other DEBUG.LOG files. I've attached it.

This time I got another CTD, when I pressed CTRL Q to quit free flight, I get a CTD when it quits.

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