So for the next installment, I'll bring this esteemed fellow with impeccable hair to help discuss.

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Yes, aliens! Or if you prefer....

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So onto the spoiler-laden story....

Of course, you're on an ALIEN planet, with ALIEN lifeforms, somewhere along the line, something intelligent either was born here or came here. I've been seeing alien intake and exhaust vents in various places as well as some sort of Alien Arch on the floating planet.

It turns out my base is practically next to another alien mini base. I was walking in my prawn suit gathering some resources and I went down a trench, which led me to this:

[Linked Image]

Very little of note in it though. I wasn't able to scan anything. Curious, after I walked through the green forcefield, I was in an oxygen atmosphere instead of in water.

I went back to the Lost River base I saw on my initial trip. After getting past a couple of warpers (or the same one a couple of times) I got into the river and arrived at the base. I had my orange tablet in hand, as I remembered from the last time through that was the magic key to get me in here. I found said tablet in the final Degasi base. I also scanned it and it turns out I can craft them (as well as the purple ones) now.

Inside the base were samples of various flora and fauna in cases.

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I also found a few ion cubes. I was aware of them already, as I got one in a Time Capsule. I grabbed it and scanned everything in sight and went on my way. My next stop was in the northeast of the map.

Ihadn't done ANY exploration there yet, so I figured I should check it out. I threw my Seamoth into my cyclops, which suddenly seems to be working fine and bug free and set off to the Northeast. My plan was to approach it from the Mushroom forest/Kelp Forest boundary, park the Cyclops, and take the Seamoth in, as it is faster and more maneuverable and has the perimeter defense. My Cyclops doesn't have any defensive ability other than decoys, and I don't know if I want to trust that until I poke around in my moth. I found a wreck, and scanned the Prawn suit version of the propulsion gun, new toys are always fun! I found a wall of rock underwater that I followed to the surface which turned out to be another island. Not just any island, this one had a giant alien structure on it. On the floating island, I found structures I assumed to be alien that turned out to be Degasi bases. This one left no such room for error, as you can plainly see. I took my seamoth up to the edge, got out, and started exploring.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

I found the entrance and used my purple tablet to get in. After retrieving a number of ion cubes, I got to the control center and found that it was the gun that shot down the Aurora and the Sunbeam. As all this information came in one session, I've kinda lost track of the order, but know I know that the research facility in the lost river was working on a cure for a bacterial infection. The gun is to keep ships from leaving the planet and spreading the infection. Only someone who is not infected can turn the gun off. I also received a radio message with the code for the Captain's Quarters, and putting all this together I expect to find a solution to getting off planet in the captains quarters. I need to disable the gun to get off planet, and I need to cure the infection to disable the gun.

After coming home and hopping out of my ship, I got a wierd visual distortion - at first I thought it was a warper, but in my base? Then I thought it was a bug in the game. Then I heard a voice - "" Not over the radio, so I assume in my head. There's mention in the information I downloaded that led me to conclude the aliens may have some sort of telepathy. Though it appears that they were here a long time ago, perhaps one survived and is reaching out? I guess I need to find him first.

So I see the endgame, just not the path for it's solution.

I do know where to find it, though.


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