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for a try you can copy this mfd paste, turn it over and leave both in another place .if it is, it should work. also remember about 100% brightness

I don't think 100% brightness makes a difference. Other models have MFDs, and the surface they use isn't set to 100% brightness.

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thealx wrote once that only this cockpit does not meet any modern standards.
it has bugged not working lighting, the textures are darkened in different parts(this is my experience).and you need all the surroundings copy everything from ka52.I do not know what that mean , and I suspect that's what it's about.
that it is still this bugged old cockpit, not modern with proper lighting as in all others.probably that's why it does not work.
maybe try do this in another cockpit? ka50 for example.
and if it works, it will simply remove the old ka50 cockpit and paste the new (old) mi28.

The cockpit already has one MFD for the TV screen, so I copied how that worked. I don't think it matters that it's an old cockpit.

I'll spend some time on it again, and see if I can get a surface to render. I seem to remember trying this anyway, and without having the code in place, the surface showed as a texture. It was only once the code was there, that it showed up as black.