vsync will work fine.....the tech is in the gpu and it simply matches (synchronises) with the refresh rate every frame or every second frame......so if it's 60Hz you'll be locked in at 60fps or 30fps. The biggest problem we all have with TVs is that they have much slower response times and therefore input lag becomes a noticeable issue. Good monitors will be 1-4 ms but even the fastest TVs are 15-40ms, this can make fast twitch games like First Person Shooters feel like they are lagging and more often than not it feels like the controls are half a second behind the action. Some TVs have a 'game mode' which attempts to remove as much of the processing as possible to bring down the response time but still, even 15-20ms can be noticeable depending on the type of games you play. With some TVs, it's also difficult to identify what the response time actually is because they often don't include it in the specification.

There is a website which publishes some of the best gaming TV response times - link

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