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OK, I'm back working on the Mi-28 Havoc Engine Gauges. I have a couple of questions:

The trq_gauge.eeo object is included in the current set of objects in cohokum\3ddata\objects\Mi-28_Havoc_Instruments\ directory, but is it being rendered? Do I need to switch to a new HAVOC_VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_INSTRUMENT_NEEDLES.ees to get it to render? (The one you emailed me perhaps?)

I see TEXTURE_INDEX_HAVOC_TRQ_GAUGE in the textname.h file in your branch, but is it attached to the trq_gauge.eeo object I have in my running version of the game where the trq_gauge.eeo is located? Can I just insert the index name into my textname.h file and run with it or do I need a new trq_gauge.eeo file with the texture attached?

I'm going to try it with the ones you sent me in the email and see what happens.

I don't see any code in the Branch to alter the texture for the engine gauges, did I miss it?

trq_gauge.eeo does have a texture called HAVOC_TRQ_GAUGE.bmp in lightwave.

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I see the Black Strip rendering now. The texture (HAVOC_TRQ_GAUGE.bmp which I edited) does not show up. Does that mean the Object trq_gauge.eeo does not have the texture attached to it?

I think the way it works, is that you tell the code which texture to render the MFD onto. So the texture itself won't show as anything, and instead just be the surface that the MFD is drawn onto. At least from memory, that's what I figured out. So I thought the fact that it was black, meant that the code was seeing the texture to draw onto, but not drawing the MFD.

If you had the object there without the code, it would show as the textured surface.

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I also need the object large enough to cover all of the vertical engine gauges, not just the left two. I intend on making the texture transparent and drawing all of the engine gauge bars to the same texture. Is the object something one of you guys could fix for me? Viper maybe? I don't know Lightwave at all.

I can resize the object to cover the both gauges and send it to you.