OK, I'm back working on the Mi-28 Havoc Engine Gauges. I have a couple of questions:

The trq_gauge.eeo object is included in the current set of objects in cohokum\3ddata\objects\Mi-28_Havoc_Instruments\ directory, but is it being rendered? Do I need to switch to a new HAVOC_VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_INSTRUMENT_NEEDLES.ees to get it to render? (The one you emailed me perhaps?)

I see TEXTURE_INDEX_HAVOC_TRQ_GAUGE in the textname.h file in your branch, but is it attached to the trq_gauge.eeo object I have in my running version of the game where the trq_gauge.eeo is located? Can I just insert the index name into my textname.h file and run with it or do I need a new trq_gauge.eeo file with the texture attached?

I'm going to try it with the ones you sent me in the email and see what happens.

I don't see any code in the Branch to alter the texture for the engine gauges, did I miss it?

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