This may seem like a silly question but I just don't know. My sister got a new TV and dropped of the one I had gotten for her as she doesn't need it anymore. Its a Magnavox flat screen I bought several years ago. I think its 32", has HDMI ports, says its an LED screen. I was just curious if a modernish tv nowadays would make for a decent PC screen. I'm still using a 27" widescreen monitor, a Sceptre brand that I bought in 2010 originally to use for an XBox360. Its been a good screen, nothing fancy. Is there a significant difference in the way they make computer monitors compared to HDTVs?

I'm tempted to hook it up for a change of pace, a little bigger viewing area and perhaps a brighter image being that its an LED. I remember buying an LED computer monitor from Best Buy once and I eventually discovered that I didn't care for it. It was TOO bright. Also, does vertical sync work the same way on TVs? Again I don't know much about it but I'm assuming that vsync is a function applied by your video card and its software. So would I be able to enable vsync just fine? Being a TV, how do I know its refresh rate? Also, being a tv, I also have no clue about the screen latency and refresh specs or if they are even done the same way as a PC montior.