Thanks DB! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Looking at the read count on the main page of the forum, it looks like there are a few others reading as well. I hope they are enjoying these as well. I’m finding them fun to write up too.

I remember a post of yours referencing “LR,” now I know what that meant! I see how a base there makes sense. It seems like the next part of the story will involve spending a lot of time in there so I may just follow suit.

I do make mental notes of what to mention in these write ups while I’m playing, and I’ve been trying to remember to take screenshots for a while, it’s finally sinking in. It’s easy enough, with the gamepad - screenies are just pushing the right stick down, so my thumb is on the button. Just gotta remember to push it. The pics look a little dark, though, I’ll try to retouch the next batch.

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