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Maybe Flat Earthers are just really, really, really bored and starving for attention? smile

I think they need more pancakes...

And a visit to Dunkin Donuts.

Remember munchkins?

"See, Johnny, this munckin is round. Not like this pancake. Johnny, what does this spherical munckin remind you of? Did you know that when the aliens visited our sun with their pancake saucers, they cut out the middle and left behind this rock called Earth, that we love and call home. That left behind their flying doughnuts. And Johnny, guess what's at the middle of those doughnuts? Sheer black hole energy! With those black hole drives, they are able to blink across the universe, supplying planets to every star in the blink of an eye!"

Hmm... Seeing how they believe in flat earth, perhaps munchkin theory is semi-believable.

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