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I bet Haggart never dreamed his thread would go like it has. biggrin

i'm suprised the mods didnt lock this or moved to pwec when folks started to discuss angels,scriptures and stuff

People want to know where UFO's come from and why they are here. There is evidence that supports what I stated, in-comparison the object spinning out of Earths solar system that is a few kilometres long most likely is of Sentient Alien race origin but why is it travelling uncontrollably out of the system and into deep space? What happened to it and its crew? Are there more of such Spaceships coming to Earth? Because something like that is what is needed for Sentient Alien races to send a crew to Earth. I can tell you how they would have pinpointed the sun and known to come here, it would have been from a monument type structure on their planet with something that points at our sun. Maybe there was their own equivalent of a biblical prophet like Isaiah or Jesus but of their own Kind that led them to work together to construct a SpaceShip to come here. For Astronauts to travel here from another star it is an enormous sacrifice for them to leave behind their friends and families and people in order to travel here. It takes thousands of years for them to get here in a near comatose hypersleep state that is uncomfortable. Those high performance SpaceShips and Aerospace craft are not from Sentient Alien races they will be from the same people who built those monuments that pointed at our sun in the first place. The very same people who built Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, statues on Easter Island, roads and bridges across Europe, UK and Ireland. The Pyramids, the horses on the hill in England, rock cut in half in Ireland, Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Encrypted puzzle in between the CIA buildings in Langley, the face and Pyramids on Mars, monument on the moon. Monuments on Belize, South America, Mayan Pyramids(Mayans did not build them but were killed because of what they did there. Masada, Petra, oil patterns Nevada, Persia and many other countries. Underwater structures that indicate where oil is underground. Vatican, castles worldwide...all of them. And of course the Crystal Skull of Belize and people wonder who's skull is it and why? If you want to know it was impossible to build big structures back in the early days, food was scarce and people fought and killed each other over the smallest of matters, there was never any logistics support or funding to drive a single civilisation that would be motivated to build a single monument that I just mentioned. All of them serve a purpose, the roads and bridges in particular were put there to help with trade routes between nations, oil in patterns in Nevada, Persia and many other places is there to indicate where crude oil can be found underground.

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