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No as it is a sighting videoed with witnesses that shows an Unidentified Flying Object operating and flying in a sentient species manner with capabilities that exceed what exists on this Earth and most likely the entire Universe. There are levels of technology and the Tic tac is beyond what has ever been seen before in maneuverability and performance. Much can be learned by such a sighting, the important thing is rules of engagement and for one to hold fire with such an incident and do not engage in hostile actions. To instead observe and someday everyone shall find out what that Aerospace craft is and why it is here. Another is the Black Knight which also is interesting to observe, other places to look in space include Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus as those Planets have rings and have Shepherds that maintain them.

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Europa? Are you referring to the moon Europa then if you are HumanKind has to send people there because it might lead to new tech!

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