Ok, I will do so biggrin

As things stand at the moment I will need some time before I'm able to work at the fuselage. I really have a hard time to remember all the things I already was able to do two years ago.

Back those days, I nearly worked 18 hours a day with LW for three months or so. Now I have not so much time and you need a massive amount of time to learn the whole details of it.

Possibly Rapota makes the external model of the KA-50N, if he likes. Banita asked him about this and to be honest, I have no problem with it as well as my skills are at the moment winkngrin

We should also indicate him to this approach for the nose-sensor

P.S: I also hope that things will change September to October this year. I won't be able for sure to work 18 hours a day at it (this really was a exceptional case out of illness), but I think I will have more time than at the moment.

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