Hi Viper. When you get ready I've dug through the code and found the animate_eo function for the electric-optical sensor. The animate_eo function on the Blackshark is empty right now, I'll add in the guts. When you create the sensor ball, name it something like KA50_OPTICS. I can give it both a heading and a pitch. It needs to be a sub-object to the exterior 3D model.

search.sub_object_index = OBJECT_3D_SUB_OBJECT_KA50_OPTICS;

We can also do that in two parts, using two different 3D objects like the Apache does. It has an outer section that rotates to a heading, and is called AH64D_TADS_HEADING, then an inner cylinder that rotates to a pitch, called AH64D_TADS_PITCH.

On some of the helo's like the Havoc the sensor only rotates on one axis to a heading.