Time for an update! Spoilers (mild) ahead!

Among the things I've been doing is trying to figure out the Cyclops. I've had some weird issues with it where I get thrown out of the ship when I dock. This happens about 1/3 of the time, and doesn't seem to have any particular trigger. I've also found that undocking either the prawn suit or the seamoth cause the ship to pitch up and ascend, even though the docking bay is toward the front. Undocking has a similar effect. If I dock too close to the surface, not only does the ship nose up, but it will leap out of the water and hang in the sky for a few seconds. Bizarre. On instances where I've been thrown out, in some cases I am launched hundreds of meters in a random direction away from the ship. So I don't use the Cyclops as much as I might seeing how buggy it seems to be.

I decided to risk my Prawn suit with a trip to the Jellyshroom cavern. I have to say after spending time there it looks quite cool. I can understand why you'd build a base there, DB, esp. with that thermal vent (looks like there are three of them.) Last time I came in here I was more focused on finding the Degassi bases, so I didn't take the time to "smell the roses." I also didn't do any resource gathering, so I grabbed a bunch of magnetite while I was down there this time.

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I was a little worried about getting the suit out of the cavern. I picked an entrance that I felt had enough landing spots for the jump jets, but I wasn't sure that I would be successful in getting out. Worst case was I'd leave it down there and ferry the stuff I gathered up to the Cyclops and return when I figured out a better way to exit. (One plan included using the habitat builder to make foundations as a stairway to get out. Almost wish I had to try that!)

The big get there was the magnetite. I hadn't found any to date, and now I had a good supply.

Next up on the list of things to do was to drop a new base. I had scouted out locations chose a spot in the middle of the Mushroom Forest. I kinda like the way it looks, there are plenty of resources (including small fish), and I found a spot where my Cyclops and descend to almost land on the base. The base itself consists of two moonpools, 4 multipurpose rooms, and an observatory. It is powered by 2 bioreactors.
I had to make a few gathering trips for quartz and titanium to finish it off. I also made a trip to the Floating Island to grab some marblemelon seeds so I can have a few of those inside as well. On top of the main moonpool is an exterior garden with some Creepvine (for rubber, lubricant, and to be a night light), Bloodvine (for blood oil) and Deep Shrooms for Polyaniline. I'm also planning on getting some bulb bushes planted as well. Those look cool and are a decent energy source.

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Traveling into the Kelp trench, I met a new friend.

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I also had the absolute worst jump scare so far in this game. I was at the edge of the Mushroom Forest just into the Dunes when a Ghost Leviathan appeared in my face and scared the snot out of me. I think I may have spoiled my Prawn suit. In my surprise I either ejected from the suit or was transported by him, because all of a sudden I was in the water. At first, I thought he did something to destroy the suit, but as I turned to high tail it out of there I ran into the suit. I got back in and got back to the safety of the Mushroom Forest before anything bad happened to me. That really got me - even worse than when the Reaper came out of nowhere and ate my Seamoth! I'd seen these guys a number of times before and observed their behavior, but I was never close enough to be affected by them.

So with my new base established, I'm going to go back and try to get on the storyline again. I've got two lifepods to find, and I seem to be missing a Degassi journal. I must have missed one somewhere in my travels. They are numbered 1-6, and I don't have #3. It's either in the Jellyshroom cave or one of the Floating Island seabases. I'll have to make a run of them and see what I can find. I'll probably go to the Jellyshroom Cavern first, because I kinda like that area.

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