OK, I've got another upgrade for you guys. I went in and fixed the TV views, LLLTV and DTV, so they are now truly low light cameras. They work well even at midnight. The following shots were taken at Dusk. I also increased the contrast on the FLIR camera views, you can now see some background behind the hot foreground items. If you guys think this is too much, let me know and I can turn the contrast down some. Thinking about it, I think I will tone it down a bit, it's too good at night when you should be switching to FLIR. I'll tone it down a bit tomorrow.

You can download the upgrade at the front of this thread as usual, it's cohokum_test13.exe now.

First, an LLLTV and DTV shot at Dusk.
[Linked Image]

And a shot of aircraft on the runway in the improved-contrast FLIR camera view.
[Linked Image]

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