It's been a few days since I've updated my progress - I've made some, but I haven't progressed the story much. I've been busy with making a new base.
I'll update on that soon, but I thought I would put out some mod suggestions for anyone playing.

First of all, here's your modding source:
You can search that site to see what might tickle your fancy. There are a bunch of decorative things you can get for your seabase, as well as actual gameplay and content mods.
Personally, I like mods that add functionality and take away tedium but don't substantially change the game experience. With that in mind, here are my favorites:

Hit "p" and it will give you a rundown of your base power generation and usage. It will help determine if you need more juice or if you can take away that extra reactor you installed.

Better Sprinting
Sprinting is toggled, great for using with a game controller.

This one is awesome! It takes away the building tedium of having to have all the materials in your personal inventory. As long you have the materials in stock in the base you are in, you can build an item. It will also build precursor items providing you have the materials.

For example, you are building X and it takes material 1, 2, and 3. As long as you have 1,2 &3 in a locker or on your person in the base you can build it.

But say material 2 needs to build out of a & b. As long as you have a & b in stock, it will build material 2 and then build the final product. It's SO much better than having to run to lockers all the time. It's range based, so for example when I was building my new base I had to haul materials to it. But once I had transferred my inventory to the new base, when I went to add things to it I didn't have to have them on me. Like I said, it relieves the tedium.
Works with fabricators, mod stations, and habitat creator (any crafting tool.)

Why there's no built in map escapes me. It seems like a basic tool. It has a fog of war so you don't see where you haven't been, so it's pretty much spoiler-free. It tracks wrecks you located, and can color code by biome if you like. I get the idea that this game doesn't hold your hand, but a basic mapping tool seems to me to be just that - basic - to a game like this. This one fits in so well I had forgotten it was a mod.

VR Enhancements
Just some QOL things for VR users. By default, the PDA is way too close to your face and uncomfortable to read. This fixes that and there are a few other VR enhancements. I don't know all the specifics, but it is highly recommended by the VR crowd. In fact, getting this is what prompted me to look for other useful mods, and that's how I came up with the ones above.

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