There are a lot of files, and installing them may not work.
It is safe to copy and install all game folders.


Hello everyone it's been a long time sorry
I made a lot of things and took a rest.

I put together all my puroduction models and texture fils this time.
I decided to upload it as the 2019 edition.

It may not work even if you install it,
It is recommended that you copy and install the whole machine folder.

Please let me know if there is a problem with installation.
I would like to correspond as much as possible.


2019 Version Up Content

・Reproduce the shadow of each aircraft
・Elimination of crew members in the park of each aircraft
・Improvement of AH-64D model
・Moveable reproduction of AH-64D wind sensor
・Model and texture of OH-58D's airframe and weapons
・Reproduce the MV-22 flap movement
・Finishing of US Air Force fighters MOD and production of weapons and landing gear
・F-18E is almost reworked
・Improvement of AV8B
・Improvement of Yak 41 aircraft model
・Modification of infantry model
・Vehicle loading of US Navy LCU and LCAC
・Reset of LOD of each MOD model

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