Thank you for the detailed info., was not aware of the air.cfg files since that is before the time I picked up WOFFue. When I look over the xfm files carefully, I will try to experiment with a few variants to see if any extra variables can be included in them. For the FM tweaks I've done already, I've increased the overload G limits and max dive speeds by about 10-15%, which should result in more competitive dogfights with the more perfect AI - but I will also consider the opposite approach, if it is possible, of creating a cap on dive speeds/G limits for the AI. Thanks all for the detailed comments. Stimulating and challenging times ahead with the xfm files - also pleased to see that the latest poll results have 63% choosing that the Spad 13 be subdivided into the different hp variants, runners up being the tweaks for the Nieup. 16 and 11.

Von S smile

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