Good to see more players giving this game a go.

Congrats on the new vehicle JC. Not a big fan of it myself really. But it certainly has utility. Especially I'd say if you only have one base, then the one-eyed one can be your mobile base. Just being able to get the Prawn to where you want to use it is valuable in itself. But it's rather big, and slow and hard to maneuver in tight spaces. Tip is to get used to navigating using the external cameras it has on it. That can help a lot.

In my first Subnautica run I used it extensively. In my second, I built it but barely used it, but of course I had four bases spread out in different biomes. My son likes it though, and he managed to set it afire somehow. Probably silent running for too long?

As for ironman, I haven't played in that mode, but my second run would have qualified, as I managed not to get killed. Can't say the same for the first run though.

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