Took a stroll in the Prawn suit, punched out a shark, and now there's a new addition to the family!

I jumped into my trusty Prawn suit and took a walk to the Mushroom Forest near the crash site. I felt the terrain was pretty negotiable for the suit, and once I got out of the Kelp Forest the going was much better. Even in the kelp, I found it fairly easy to jump across canyons. Among the things I was interested in doing was seeing what this thing could do! I hadn't done much exploration in that area, so I thought I'd also see what was there for the finding. I recall the terrain seemed fairly gentle so I figured it would be a good place for a shakedown cruise.

I walked around the forest toward the Crash Zone and found a few interesting bits of wreckage. Added to my inventory are the Power Transmitter and Time Capsule. Not sure about the time capsule, though I've seen it referenced. My understanding is that it is a way for players who have completed the game to send something to other players who are playing it through. A neat idea, I think.

I also completed the Cyclops Bridge and got one piece of the hull, so I began hunting a little more serioulsy for Cyclops parts. It seems like certain bits of wreck are found in certain biomes, so between this Mushroom Forest and the one by pod 13 I should be able to complete the Cyclops. As I search, I also start finding bits of lithium laying around. That's one of the resources that has been eluding me for a while, so I start looking more carefully for those as well.

I came across a large piece of wreckage just at the border of the Mushroom Forest, Crash Zone, and Koosh Zone and began exploring. It's a rather large piece, but for the life of me I just can't find a way in. I got out of the suit and began looking more earnestly, and still no joy. I tried using the propulsion cannon to move bits of wreck about, and no luck. I even pulled out the laser cutter to try and cut open some entry way but nothing. Either you can't get in there, or I've got some more work to do.

Now as I'm working through this area, some of the large and nasty looking fellows living in the Koosh Zone begin taking an interest. Bonesharks start taking notice, and when the first one attacked, I tried punching him with the Prawn Suit. It worked! I managed to knock him around and he suddenly realized he had someplace else to be. A bit later, I think I killed one who didn't get the message.

Water running low, I return to my base to re-hydrate. I like the Prawn Suit, but it is a little awkward to travel in, so I decided to switch out to the Seamoth for the next expedition.

This time, I headed off to the other Mushroom Forest located to the west. I found much that I had already scanned - Cyclops bridge, power transmitter, Moonpool - but I grabbed a bunch more lithium. I finally have a decent stash of that. After combing the area, I get what I needed - the last piece of Cyclops hull! I can't wait and decide to go back to my base and make a Cyclops!

After making sure I have all the materials, I head to my mobile vehicle bay and press the "Go" button! Apparently, I'm in too shallow water to make a Cyclops! Ok, I pick up the bay and travel to a deeper area. Oops, I grabbed lithium instead of lead. Back to the base. Got the lead. Back to the deep, release the bay and.....dammit! I only grabbed two lead, I needed 3!!! Back to the base and then back to the deep. Release the bay. a Cyclops! The huge beast hangs majestically in the air as the drones lovingly finish the crafting process, then down she drops into the water.

I board her and start looking around. Realizing I can dock my Seamoth in her, I go back and dock. For some reason, I'm shot out of the sub and across the map to an area I haven't been to yet, and the sub is nowhere in sight. Fortunately I get it's beacon (and the SeaMoths too) - almost 400 meters away! I pull out my trusty Seaglide and make my way back to my new ship, and as I come upon it, I see it - suspended about 50 feet ABOVE the surface! WTF! Either that's some major bug work or this thing is really all terrain! I watched it drop back down into the water and I boarded it again. Funky stuff I must say.

After walking around a bit and familiarizing myself with the vessel, I set course for my base and got underway....and holy cow is this thing slow! My base is 850m away, it will take me about a week to get there! So I dropped anchor, hopped in the Seamoth, and zipped back home.

I'd like to get the Prawn suit to the Cyclops and start looking around some of the areas I haven checked out yet (I'd love the Cylcops to be able to fit both a Prawn Suit and a Seamoth!). Not sure what i'll focus on next, though I may start looking for some of the pods I haven't found yet to get back to the storyline to some degree.

Elite Dangerous: CMDR JohnnyChemo
MWO: Johnny Keemo

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