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There is the TV show, Ancient Aliens. Lots of nonsense for the most part.

I love that show!

If I ever really need to sleep, I watch Ancient Aliens. The leaps in logic, the tying of unrelated things, places, and events....it just shuts my brain off.

Anything to do with the Pyramids and the Alien connection generally does it for me. Can't sleep? Youtube, search, pyramid/aliens, guaranteed to be either angry or snoozing in ten minutes,

Heaven built the Pyramids, the chamber points to a particular star where there are Sentient Aliens that will someday send some astronauts to Earth. On that races planet there is a similar structure pointed at Earth with a similar shaft so that they know how to get here most likely built by Aliens from Earth called HumanKind who arrived before they were dropped off from Heaven.

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